Tuesday, September 8, 2015

This was one of my favorite pieces to do thus far! The dresser was pretty nice as it sat. It was well built, even though it needed some tightening on the drawer slides, and the pulls were chipped a bit. There were a few scratches on the surface, and a couple of stains, but that was of no consequence for what I was about to do to it. The drawers were done in Emperor's Silk and the boarder detail done in Graphite and clear wax sealed. The body of the dresser was double coated in Old Ochre. I knew I was doing a harlequin pattern on the top, but I thought doing that on the sides was a little overkill, but they needed something! Stripes were the answer! One wide stripe of Emperors Silk with narrow Graphite stripes on either side was just the ticket! Now for the top... I had to do a bit of research, and found several methods for pulling off this look. Ultimately, I went with the easiest one that started with one big X from corner to corner. The rest were lines were drawn perpendicular to those base lines using a long level. Taping was an adventure... You have to tape the diamonds out "in shifts", and since tape wont just lay perfectly straight, I had a little assistance from my repair guy. (Dave does SO much to help me with my hobby! He's truly the greatest!) The result was the perfectly placed and even harlequin diamonds you see before you! I found this crazy unique mirror at a yard sale, and painted it to match the mirror! 

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