Thursday, August 27, 2015

From May, 2014 "This was my second break with single color pieces. I really love color!! This is Aubusson Blue. Now if you could hear me say this color out loud, you'd hear just how much I love this color in my tone. I LOOOOOVE it!!! Ok, after a couple coats, I was certain that a little dark wax was not enough to liven up this little bookshelf! I grabbed another new color called Old Ochre, (Which incidentally, is my absolute FAVE neutral thus far in the ASCP palette!!) and hit the cute little knobby things on the middle shelf. It wasn't enough!! No, this needed something more!! Some of you know that I have some experience in tailoring. For those that don't, I used to make corsets, skirts, and chemises that I sold all over the world to Renaissance faire goers. When the market tanked, there wasn't enough business, and I lost my enthusiasm for it. I still have quite a bit of fine fabrics in what used to be my studio, (basement...LOL) and so I found a complimentary design and using plain old mod podge, placed the fabric in the back of the bookcase, and VOILA!!! Totes Adorbs! my daughter would say! "

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