Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ok, You are probably wondering how that 1st nightstand turned out! It's only fair, and what better way to start then at the beginning, right? This was when I sought out my 1st quart!! Jodi (The proprietress at Grey Beginnings) was really great. She really made me feel confident and comfortable about taking on this project, and assured me it was going to be fun and easy! Oh my... was it ever!

This is it! I played it safe of course, and chose Old White as my 1st color. I think everyone plays it safe off jump street. White is clean and neutral! It goes with anything! Of course these days, I avoid white like the plague, I am a woman of color through and through, and Annie Sloan was key to that epiphany. I don't have any other shots at different on this piece, but as a stockist now myself, I did this all wrong. I painted all the flat surfaces "with the grain" so my brush strokes are SO obvious... It's all good though, they still look great! So clean and bright and ready for me to add a couple more colors and some dark wax! LOL

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