Monday, August 31, 2015

Ok, so this little number was a $5 yard sale score! It was pretty disgusting when I got it. It was hella-dirty, and there was quite a bit of water damage to the inlay top, but is was solid and sturdy, and the bones are what count! I think this one took the last of what was my 1st can of Old White, or close to it. I painted the entire piece with that and that's when I noticed a problem. Because of the water damage, there was staining coming through the paint. If this happens to you, and it will if you paint long enough, run to Lowe's or Home Depot and grab a can of Bull's Eye Shellac. Shellac is an all natural sealant! I like the spray variety, but you can buy the brush-on type if you prefer. It dries in minutes, so a coat or 2 of that will "stop the bleeding". Another nice thing about shellac that you'll notice is that the paint seems to glide over it, and you don't need quite as much, which is good when you're spending close to $40 for a little quart of paint! Now, because the inlay was lifting in spots because of it's past neglect, I figured the best way to hide it was to color in the lines! Chevron patterns are pretty hot right now and so are yellow and grey, so Arles and French Linen it is! I sealed the whole this in Clear Wax, and low-lighted the details in Old White with Dark Wax! 

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